Cinnamon Het DG 50% Het Cryptic Pied Ball Python (#2102-03)

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Description. This beautiful girl was produced from a Pastel DG het Cryptic (also probable Harlequin) x Cinnamon het Pied pairing. She is one of my holdbacks from last season but I am running out of rack space and kept a lot from this project. Statistically she should prove out as at least one of the possible hets! Feel free to reach out with any questions!
Cinnamon Het DG 50% Het Cryptic Pied
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Cinnamon 100% Het Desert Ghost 50% Het Piebald 50% Het Cryptic
Frozen/Thawed Rat




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About Morphologix LLC. My name is Marcus Wolf and I am a former marine biologist turned full-time reptile and amphibian breeder at Morphologix. My entire life has revolved around animals, and more specifically, breeding animals. I've been keeping and breeding various saltwater fish and corals since the age of 8. For the last 9 years, I have focused on building and breeding a collection of high-end ball pythons and poison dart frogs, from which I strive to produce only the highest quality animals. I'm extremely passionate about working with animals and hope to add value to both the community and your collection. I'm also always happy to help out other breeders/keepers in any way that I can (helping establish projects, husbandry tips, etc.) so please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for taking a look at my ads!

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