Pastel Het Red Axanthic Possible KP Ball Python (#74)

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Description. Pairing: Het Red Axanthic X Super pastel Gargoyle YB poss KP (from BADD Reptiles)
(KP is a gene produced originally by BADD Reptiles)
Eating: FT Medium
Pastel Het Red Axanthic Possible KP
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
Het Red Axanthic Pastel Other Trait
1st October 2020
Frozen/Thawed Rat




Mount Vernon, Washington United States of America flag

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About Tutti Frutti Snakes. ***We now also list the animals produced from Yeti Balls, our partnered breeder, on our store***
We are a small operation and love breeding as a hobby and all our snakes are high quality & healthy. All of our breeders have personal names as we love them very much and many came from the well known breeder Doug Day at BADD Reptiles. He has been breeding snakes for the past 25+ years and has a complete wealth of knowledge. We have been very privileged to be working closely with him since we bought our first snake in 2017. We appreciate all the support and being able to do this for the love of these animals. We hope you will love your new snake as much as we do. Thank you!!