Stranger Fire Enchi 50% Pos Het Clown

Ball Python Subadult
Python regius

ID: 22c53h343-6-25

Stranger Fire Enchi 50% Pos Het Clown

Ball Python Subadult
Python regius


Birth: 2022
Weight: 501g

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Animal ID: 22c53h343-6-25
First Posted: 07/25/22
Last Renewed: 03/17/23
Last Updated: 03/27/23

Portsmouth, Virginia
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***POSSIBLY OPEN TO TRADES FOR unique Amazon Tree Boas and Brazilian Rainbow Boas. *** Animals are First come first serve via the cart system on the website. If it lets you add it to the cart it is still available. All Sales Are Final. Live Arrival Guarantee on animals held to be picked up at your local Fedex Ship Center regardless of delays due to Fedex as long as the animal is picked up within 6 hours of being available for pickup unless previously discussed. Due to frequent delays seen since Covid19 restrictions live arrival guarantee only applies on home delivery IF fedex delivers on time and somebody is present the first delivery attempt. It is much safer to have your animal held at your local hub, and our live arrival guarantee covers delays if you have your animal held at the hub ONLY. Home Delivery is only considered with Lows above 45 and Highs below 90.

Live Arrival, Sex and Health Guaranteed if contacted within 30 minutes after arrival with any issues. Recessive Genetics are always 100% Guaranteed but as we stack codom genes it can be tricky sometimes to identify what genes are present in every animal. We always try our best to honestly id codom traits and usually err on the side of caution if we are in doubt and label it as "possible" or "probable" but we are only human so mistakes can happen so we can not 100% Guarantee Codom/Dom Traits. Clutch records are on the website for every baby we sell so please feel free to check the pairing to be sure you agree with our ID if you are banking on a particular gene being present or not present in an animal we have listed.

Payment Plans are available on animals $500 and up. We require 25% down and the balance paid in 30days or less if total price is under $1000 and 60 days or less if total price is over $1000. Payments are non refundable and non transferable so PLEASE be sure you are able to follow through with the payment plan before putting money down to start one.

All of our ID codes can be dissected for the following information.
#c#h#-#-# (for example 21c1h2-3-4) the first number is the year hatched, the number after the c is the clutch number from that year it came from, the number after the h is the numerical number for how many babies we hatched that season, the first number after the - is the month it was hatched and the last number is the day it was hatched. So in our example of 21c1h2-3-4 this would break down to mean that particular baby was hatched in 2021 from clutch #1 and was the 2nd baby to crawl out of the egg for us for the 2021 season and hatched on March 4th. You can now take the id code for any animal listed and look at the lineage info in our clutch records posted publicly on the website.

All Sales Are Final

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