Description: Awesome little boy who is just coming into his colors. He will just get better and better with age! I added a picture in natural light to show off his incoming purples.

    1.0 Albino Pied x 0.1 Toffino
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    Toffino Het Pied

    Ball Python Baby
    Python regius


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    ID: 22-M-TOFF-hPIE-1-4

    Toffino Het Pied

    Ball Python Baby
    Python regius


    Awesome little boy who is just coming into his colors. He will just get better and better with age! I added a picture in natural light to show off his incoming purples.

    1.0 Albino Pied x 0.1 Toffino
    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 11th June 2022
    Proven: No
    Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat

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    Shipping: At Least 50.00 (Domestic)
    Shipping Details: Regional Shipping

    Animal ID: 22-M-TOFF-hPIE-1-4
    First Posted: 08/04/22
    Last Renewed: 04/11/23
    Last Updated: 04/27/23

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    About Critical Constrictors

    My name is Caren Crumer and I have loved animals all my life. I wanted to be able to combine my love of science and genetics into my love of animals. Through ball pythons the multitude of different morph combinations astounded me and I fell in love with the species. I have worked extremely hard to create beautiful morphs for the everyday reptile lover to the die hard enthusiast. I love working with difficult odds and thus a majority of my collection consists of recessive morphs. My dream is to create multiple triple and quadruple visual recessives so I have many years of breeding ahead of me :)
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
    Currently only interested in trades for: Puzzle, Sunset, Zebra, & White Lace (Hets and Visuals)

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