Pastel Calico Yellow Belly Het Clown Ball Python (#030622M)

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Description. Beautiful pastel yb calico.
Paring was pastel clown x cinnamon calico yb
Shipping is hub to hub
Pastel Calico Yellow Belly Het Clown
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Yellow Belly Pastel Calico 100% Het Clown
July 2022
Live Rat




Gleason, Wisconsin United States of America flag

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~*First payment gets the snake.* Sometimes I get ten people inquiring all at once and unfortunately I cannot make everyone happy. If you spend hours or days asking questions please do not get upset if the snake sells to someone else. Unfortunately I’ve been forced to do this because of to many who say they are for sure going to buy and I never hear from them again.

~ Any emails sent after 10pm will be answered promptly the next morning (this mama needs sleep) I am also not available Sunday mornings.

~You must remain in contact with me after a deposit or a purchase. 14 days of no attempt to get in touch with me will result in forfeiting the animal. Life happens but please let me know so we can make other arrangements. Any payments made will be lost if you do not pay for the animal in full in 90 days.

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~Due to all the different ideas on husbandry all sales are final. I unfortunately can't control what happens once the animal is in your care. Please research this species before buying. I am happy to help with a detailed care sheet and advice on how to provide the best care for your new snake. Use proper quarantine procedures with any new animal.

~We reserve the right to deny a sale.

*We do not cover buyer's remorse.*

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Please do research on this morph before purchase! All spiders have wobble to some extent and certain things can make it worse. Stress is one of them. I cannot guarantee no wobble because of factors I can't control when they leave here. I will disclose any severe wobble that I see in the add. Buyer accepts responsibility for purchasing this morph. No refunds or exchanges will be done.

~Live arrival guarantee to hub ONLY at this time. If you chose shipping to your home you do so at your OWN RISK during covid19!!!! Must contact me within 2 hours of arrival. If I do not hear from you I will assume all is well with your new snake. Please pick up your snake promptly to prevent unnecessary box time.
Please note that snakes are cold blooded and will feel cold to the touch when you unpack them even if a heat pack is used.

~All animals are guaranteed to be properly sexed, healthy and correct genetics on all heterozygous genes. Multiple co dominant genes will be to the best of my ability. If I am unsure, snake will be sold as a possible.

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We raise our own feeders and most animals will be on a live diet unless otherwise specified.

~ Please note: We live in Wisconsin so we will have a window that we will be unable to ship safely. We will gladly hold and care for your animal while we wait for warmer weather as long as the deposit has been made and payments are being made in the time frame given.

~ No guarantee on disposition. If you would like to know the personality of a particular snake please ask. These are reptiles and will behave as such.

~Please contact us if you have any questions! We are more than happy to help!

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About Paige's Pythons LLC. We are a small ball python breeder nestled in the northwoods of Wisconsin run by myself and my husband. I do all of the care and handling of the animals and my husband helps with all of the rack building, snake room building/ maintenance, incubators and listening to me talk for hours and hours about ball pythons and all the dream morphs I want to make. I am not joking about that one! I am very thankful for his support in this whole endeavor! I am also the mother of two young children and they are growing up with a passion for snakes and reptiles! They have no irrational fear of them and I believe that has made them more compassionate and understanding little people. I recently discovered my love for ball pythons. I went from hating snakes with a passion to adoring these little balls of beauty. I have always had reptiles growing up like leos and bearded dragons but never snakes. We started with a little pet store normal and things just grew from there! I developed quite a passion for these animals rather quickly. I spend many hours with my snakes. Caring for their needs and spending time with them. All of my snakes are very very tame. Even as my numbers grow I still treat them as pets not just breeders with a number. All of my snakes have names and they all spend time out of their tubs. They will never be just dollar signs to me and I love them very much. I will always strive for quality over quantity and I never want to get so big that I can no longer know every one of my animals personalities. Currently we are working with the Calico/Sugar genes along with the darker morphs like Mahogany and chocolate.
I have noticed that I am one of the few female ball pythons breeders out there. I have made it one of my goals to help fellow women get over their fear of snakes and the stigma that surrounds them. The more women who feel at home in this wonderful hobby the better! After all, we are all in this together! Feel free to contact me with any questions or care tips! No question is EVER to silly or dumb! We were all there once! I will gladly talk for hours about ball pythons! Visit our facebook and instagram page for more information about us here at Paige's Pythons LLC!