SALE- Adult Pinstripe Desert Ball Python (#14-32)

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Description. She was a holdback from my earlier clutches. She has always been a happy and healthy snake. Only letting her go because I am downsizing about 50 animals in the collection.
She eats thawed rats but sometimes she just wants a live one.

You can see a short video of her on YouTube at:
SALE- Adult Pinstripe Desert
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
Pinstripe Desert
Frozen/Thawed Rat




Virginia Beach, Virginia United States of America flag

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About Anthony Wrenn Reptiles. Specializing in the RARE species like Anthill (Pygmy), Woma, Blackheaded pythons and even keeping Dwarf Boas! And of course I have fun breeding Ball pythons.
I do not bring animals into of my collection (closed collection). I no longer vend at reptile shows anymore since the stress of possibly bringing a parasite/virus back home and having to treat anything on top of regular care and maintenance. Plus I no longer have a quarantine room :-)