Banana Mojave Huffman Ball Python

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Banana Mojave Huffman Ball Python
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Banana Mojave Huffman
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Pastel 66% Het Clown 100% Het Hypo Banana Mojave Huffman

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About 209 Exclusive Pythons. My name is Ricky Mitchell and I live in Elk Grove California. I’ve been in love with reptiles, especially ball pythons ever since I was a kid. I then made the decision to invest into my passion/ dream a couple of years ago. I invested into Clowns, Pieds, Desert Ghost, Bels Etc. I am now trying to make this hobby my life long dream. Also I want to thank Justin Kobylka , Miguel Garcia , Ozzy Boids , Garrick Demeyer for the snakes and advice they gave me to strive in this hobby.