Pastel Crypton Het Desert Ghost #1 Ball Python (#PastelCryptonH…)

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Description. Pairing was Yellowbelly Desert Ghost het cryptic x Killer clown. Making this boy Crypton Het DG, this guy will be an excellent addition to any clown / cryptic desert ghost projects.

60 day payment plan available with 25% down. Free shipping to the nearest FedEx hub for buyer included in price.

Pictures of parents on Instagram @scaleacious_morphs
Pastel Crypton Het Desert Ghost #1
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Pastel 100% Het Desert Ghost 100% Het Cryptic 100% Het Clown
Domestically Produced
June 2022
Live Rat




Norman, Oklahoma United States of America flag

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About Scaleacious Morphs. Buy with confidence! Firstly, I work very hard to care for every one of my animals with the highest standards, and secondly provide excellent customer service before and after a sale. I am a passionate hobbyist and breeder of high quality ball pythons. I enjoy sharing my experiences with other hobbyist as well as helping to educate those newer to the hobby.

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