Pastel Red Stripe Het Clown Pos Het Pied Ball Python (#mpashetclownpo…)

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Pastel Red Stripe Het Clown Pos Het Pied
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Red Stripe Pastel Pos Het Piebald 100% Het Clown
3rd July 2022
Live Mouse




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20.00-90.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. Store policy.


Payments via PayPal, Zella, Cash app, Venmo: Once you have no more questions and you are sure about the animal you want, You can send payment via agreed method or we can send you an invoice via PayPal.

Animal is only considered sold once full price of the animal and shipping has been paid. Animal will NOT be shipped until full payment has been received; this means a complete transfer of funds.

Please contact me about payment plan options on snakes of $1,000 or more. we have 30, 45 or 60 day payment plans available with a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total price of the snake and shipping depending on the price of the animal and or quantity of animals.
Any payments you make after the initial 25% down payment may be used as credit for a different animal at our discretion in case of failure to pay on time.
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. by putting our animals on hold for you and you defaulting on the agreement, we miss on the opportunity to sell to another buyer.


Shipping is $20 to $80 cost added no matter how many snakes you buy.

We encourage you to choose delivery to your closest FedEx hub. Not all FedEx accept live animals so we would ship to the nearest one near you that does.
Packages delivered to FedEx hub must picked up within 1hr of "ready for pick up/pending pick up" status of FedEx system otherwise live arrival guarantee is null and void.

We will ship the animal once weather conditions are appropriate on both shipping and receiving locations. We will inform you before you make any payments if we believe there are any reasons why we should not ship.
We reserve the right to refuse to ship if we believe weather conditions or other circumstances that might affect on-time shipping are a risk to the animal.
Once the animal is surrendered to FedEx, there is very little or in most cases nothing we can do in the case of a delay. Delays are normal just like with any other package and can happen even though we ALWAYS pay for overnight shipping.
We ship Monday through Wednesday.


All animals are feeding on appropriate rodents.
If an animal is currently not feeding due to their own natural fasting periods we will specify in the description of the animal.

We feed all our animals live rats unless otherwise specified. Some animals may be used to feeding on both live rat and live mice although it is rare we will specify this.

All animals come with a 48hr health guarantee. If you notice any issues with the animal you must notify us within 1 hour of receiving the package.
We cannot be held responsible for the health of the animal after it has been on you possession as we cannot determine if the health of the animal deteriorated at your fault or ours. This is why it is important you contact us right away if you notice something unusual.
We will NEVER post an animal that we believe might be unhealthy in any way.
If an animal is listed in our store, it means it has been determined to be in perfect health. Perfect health meaning: no respiratory infections, no mites, no scale rot, no cuts, eye problems, birth defects, kinks.
If the animal is something other than a hatchling and has any damaged scales from live feedings or other we will specify in the description, however, this would not be considered a health issue rather than a cosmetic one.


Genetics are based on OUR OPINION based off the pairing of the animals.
Certain combinations can be very difficult to be 100% sure on so we make our best guess based on what is provided in the clutch and opinion of other breeders or other animals listed. Please judge for yourself. All hets are guaranteed unless we have specified “POS” for possible.


We try to update photos of the animal if we start to notice changes in color or pattern. snakes change in looks as they continue to grow and develop. As an example a Banana/Coral Glow animal will develop black specks all over his body as he ages but when hatching it will most likely have none.


We use "Ship your Reptiles" to ship our animals through FedEx. Ship your Reptiles offers Live arrival guarantee insurance assuming you follow their guidelines for shipping. We always follow these guidelines unless we come to a different agreement between us and the buyer. if we abide by ship your reptiles guidelines, ship your reptiles offers live arrival guarantee insurance. We will offer you this insurance at the moment we are in the process of creating a shipping label. the insurance price varies depending on the price of the animal and would need to be covered by the buyer. otherwise our own live arrival guarantee would cover DOA.

Afterlife Reptiles will honor a full refund on DOA animals with clear unaltered and unedited video of unboxing ONLY! If you do not video tape your unboxing DOA refund WILL NOT BE HONORED. We will refund you your money in the case we do not have a similar animal in sex, size and genes. if there is a different option, we might offer you a different animal that is at least the same in quality and price.
If you choose to have the package delivered to your house or other location other than a FedEx hub, you must take possession of the package on the first delivery attempt, otherwise live arrival is immediately null and void.
You assume all responsibilities of missed deliveries and or shipment delays including DOA.
If you notice any issues with the packaging please take a picture or video and let us know within 1hr of delivery
Any issues with the animal must be reported to us within 1hr or receiving/picking up the package.
We will record a unaltered unedited video or photo of the animal and packaging to compared to yours if there are any issues.

By making a payment you are agreeing to all terms and conditions herein.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Afterlife Reptiles. Hello everyone! We are afterlife reptiles and we are a small breeding family. We specialize in Ball pythons and we are working on having Reticulated Pythons and other reptiles eventually. Being a small operation allows us to really focus on the health and quality of the snakes we breed. We strive to have the absolute best, something that any other store in here would be proud to call their own. We want to spread the love and amazing happiness reptiles can bring to families and show people that are not familiar with reptiles how incredible these animals can be. Thank you for taking the time to look at our small but fun collection.