Store Bulk List For Sale Ball Python (#SerpStore)

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Store Bulk List For Sale Ball Python
Description. I have some stuff available. Dm if interested. Also check out Serpenotics Reptile Shop or @Serpenotics on Instagram. Shipping is available for animals only, pickup also available for animals and equipment. Will offer deals if multiple are taken. Looks like we will be going out of business unfortunately. Individual sales will be 30% off if mentioned from ad for 1 animal above $500. If some one is interested in everything I have equipment and animal wise for a bulk sale, feel free to reach out. I have over 56,000 between animals and equipment I am willing part with for 30K. Feel free to contact me via email or phone to get access to full list of everything on morphmarket as well as stuff not on the market.

Have 6 cages available with head panels.
4 - 6ft x 2ft x 1ft white pvc cages
2 - 4ft x 2ft x 1ft white pvc cages
4 PVC 5 level racks, 10 Level ARS rack, 3 Hatchling Racks, thermostats etc.....
Local pickup only for cages, won't ship.
Store Bulk List For Sale
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
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Live Rat




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65.00-100.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. Please note, due to our LLC as per NJ, Serpenotics LLC, we do charge tax with the purchase of our animals. Tax is built into the price of all our animals, so the Price is firm for everything.

Shipping rates vary from city to city and on the size/quantity of animals purchased. FedEx Priority overnight service/Ship Your Reptile is used for shipping.

Most Domestic Shipments are shipped using FedEx Priority overnight service/Ship Your Reptile delivered to your door, or local shipping hub depending on weather conditions. We do not ship until we speak with the customer to arrange a day for shipping, because we per the animal not to be left at the door. We will ship within 24 hrs of speaking with the customer, Monday through Wednesday depending on season and/or Holidays. Only Shipping in the USA. Please know local laws for certain animals.

$65 Priority Overnight Shipping for small animals under $1000 while purchases over $1000 FREE Priority Overnight Shipping with tax included. Overnight Shipping may change due to the size of the snake, such as a reptile that is bigger in size; small, medium, large, etc. Bigger Animals under $2500 will be charged for shipping with tax included. Bigger Animals over $2500 will only have tax included, with Free shipping.

Payment Plans Available. A 30 Day payment plan is available with a 25% Non-Refundable Deposit on purchases of $500 or more excluding shipping cost. A 60 Day payment plan is available for the same 25% deposit for purchases over $1000. A 90 Day payment plan is available for the same 25% deposit for purchases over $2500.

All snakes come with a Certificate of genetic lineage and guaranteed sex. If the animal is DOA (Dead on Arrival), the owner must contact us within 4 Hours of Pickup/Delivery, If there is no confirmation such as photo/video proof of the animal, we will not issue a refund.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Contact us via email - [email protected]
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Contact number - 929-313-8565

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About Serpenotics. Welcome to Serpenotics. This is your one stop exotic snake shop! We will help you get the snake of your dreams, as well as help you build a solid setup! Serpenotics is a shop for pet snakes and reptiles. We started our business back in 2017, having massive experience with ball pythons and will be expanding our experience with many other types of pet snakes. We can also help out with your other reptile needs. Whether this is your first time looking for a pet snake or you are an experienced breeder, our online snake store will have something for you.

Serpenotics is located in New Jersey/New York area, where you can catch Steveo and the staff sharing with you their experience and advice for keeping a pet snake or reptile. We also will have holiday deals on buying snake online to make sure what you get the snake that's right for you at the cheapest price for a pet snake.