Pastel Clown

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius

ID: 220807

Beautiful example of a Female Pastel Clown. Pairing was our Female Pastel Clown to our male Hurricane Clown. She is eating live rat pups.

Fun Fact: Caramel who is our female Pastel Clown, she was in a music video called 22 by our friends Potty Mouth. You can find the music video on YouTube.
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Pastel Clown

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius


Birth: 23rd September 2022
Weight: 225g
Diet: Live Rat

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Animal ID: 220807
First Posted: 10/20/22
Last Renewed: 02/19/23
Last Updated: 02/19/23

Spring Valley, California
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2. Due to the complexity with identifying some Incomplete Dominant / Co-Dom genes in Ball Pythons when more than one gene is involved, we can not 100% guarantee accuracy of the Incomplete Dominant / Co-Dom genes in Ball Pythons

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About Gray's Reptiles

Gray's Reptiles is a proud Ball Python breeder working to offer high quality ball python morphs. Gray's Reptiles is a team made up of myself, my wife and our two little girls. We really enjoy working together and being able to do something that we all really enjoy doing. I started out collecting and catching snakes, lizards, frogs and newts when I was about 6 years old. I kept reptiles and amphibians until I joined the U.S. Coast Guard where I found it difficult to keep my animals while serving and not always being at home. My first enlistment was onboard ships. My second enlistment was serving at the Captain Of The Port Marine Safety Office protecting our environment, I left the U.S. Coast Guard after 2 enlistments. It was such and adventurous experience and it was a pleasure serving our country. Now years later, with my Wife and our two little girls, we are on a new adventure with breeding high quality ball pythons. Come join in our adventure. Your support is very much appreciated.

You can find us on our YouTube Channel at

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