GHI Mojave Super Pastel Ball Python (#2018-5-1)

GHI Mojave Super Pastel Ball Python
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GHI Mojave Super Pastel
Ball Python
Python regius
Super Pastel Mojave GHI




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About Kicks Balls. I'm Fred Kick, and I breed ball pythons. I've collected reptiles my whole life. Everything from newts to giant pythons. My brother and I own and operate a wholesale reptile business, a retail pet store and own one of the largest ball python collections on the east coast.

Why ball pythons? In 1995 I had an opportunity to trade my Corvette for 2 pairs of albino ball pythons. It was a hard decision but the car went, and the albinos came. After getting the albinos I had to get myself the hottest morph on the market- a pastel. Soon followed by my favorite purchase of all time, a genetic stripe. Ball pythons were like no other snake on the market at that time. An idea of what to turn some free space into, resulted in a 7,000 sq foot facility. A few snakes turned into 100s, 100s turned into 1000s and my collection continues to grow every year. Out of all the reptiles I've worked with balls are one of my favorites. They come in by far the largest variety of color and patterns that any snake has to offer, have a calm temperament and are easy to care for. My goal is to have one of the largest diverse collections of ball pythons and to pass on the quality and joy of these snakes onto my customers.