Dinker Captive Hatch African Import Ball Python (#2019-Import-18)

Dinker Captive Hatch African Import Ball Python
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Description. May 2019 Captive hatch African Import. Feeding well on frozen/thawed pup rats. In my possession for several months to observe health and ready to go now! No morphs guaranteed with imports, but you can prove them out. Check my other listings or message, I have 2.5 left available, will combine shipping and give discount for multiples.
Dinker Captive Hatch African Import
Ball Python Subadult
Python regius
Yellow Belly Dinker Import
1st May 2019
Frozen/Thawed Rat

Tustin, California United States of America flag

35.00-55.00 (Domestic)

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Store policy. Payment plans available but animals must be paid for in full before shipping. Non-refundable deposit for all holds and payment plans is $25 and applies to your purchase, but any other payments are refundable up until animal is shipped. Shipping cost includes exact FedEx charge plus small fee for insulated box and heat/cold packs when needed. DOA guarantee requires package is signed for on first attempt, must notify me within 24 hrs of delivery, must be documented with pictures while opening of the box, and may require shipping back the animal. Returns of non-DOA animals will be considered on a case by case basis. I strive to always provide accurate sex, morphs, and accurate photos in my listings, but mistakes do happen and I want to make it right if I make one, but I cannot refund returned animals you simply change your mind about, and shipping is very cost-prohibitive. Shipping within the state of CA starts at $35, may cost up to $90 for large animals within continental US. Local pick-up available upon request at no charge.
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