Genetic Stripe Ball Python (#Steve)

Description. Eating weaned rats weekly, fantastic feeder - This handsome boy is from the 2nd clutch produced from a dinker father and within an unusual clutch that has begun to show real indications of at least 1 extra, unknown gene (possibly brand new, possibly just unidentified). A hold-back female was born from this clutch displaying extremely yellowed coloring, very light, pale full-body coloring and purple tint in addition to single, unbroken stripe. *More information if requested with serious inquiries - likely to be a special breeding project.

Parentage = Pastel GStripe (mother) x Pastel GStripe Dinker (father)
(Pictures of parents and past clutches available with serious inquiries)
Genetic Stripe
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Genetic Stripe Pos Dinker
7th August 2019
Live Rat




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About Mother of Serpents. I'm a small-scale ball python breeder-keeper, looking to slowly expand into small colubrids within the next few years. My focus has been on a few select recessive projects while building an emphasis on individual care and superior quality. I'm an animal lover in general, as well as an avid gardener, free spirit/creative thinker, and occasional wanderer.

My current projects (and favorite morphs) focus mainly on recessives with:
-Genetic Stripe
-Desert Ghost
-Orange Dream

Keep your eyes out for new things coming :)