2017 Male Super Vanilla Ball Python (#M-19)

2017 Male Super Vanilla Ball Python
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Description. Purchased from Brian Barczyk of "BHB Reptiles" as a sub-adult. (Doesn't fit in with desired projects.)
2017 Male Super Vanilla
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
Super Vanilla
Domestically Produced
Frozen/Thawed Rat

Acton, California United States of America flag

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About Bob Crupi Pythons/Affordable Ball Morphs. Hi my name is Bob Crupi. Some of you may have heard of me, I got my name recognition in the sport of "Large Mouth Bass Fishing". I produced a Bass Fishing Instructional Video titled "Bodacious Bass". I produced this video to show the average Large Mouth Bass fisherman that catching a trophy Bass (10lbs or bigger) isn't a once in a lifetime event. The video instilled confidence in the fisherman's ability to catch a trophy Bass or personal best which in turn allowed the fisherman to catch and release the fish knowing he or she could catch another, and hundreds of people did. I also ran "Bob Crupi's Trophy Bass Guide Service" on Southern California lakes. I instructed and guided dozens of Fisherman to catch their personal best or even a trophy Bass 10-16lbs fully documented. I guess Im writing this to show I am an honest person in an age of dishonesty. I served 34 years in law enforcement for the Los Angeles Police Department. You can Google "Bob Crupi world record Bass" or "Bodacious Bass Video" to find out more.
I have always been a python enthusiast owning several as pets over the years. I started collecting my Ball Python Morphs in 2017 after watching some YouTube vlogs from Miguel Garcia of "Always Evolving Pythons", Brian Barczyk of "BHB Reptiles", Brian Kusko of "Triple B" and Earl Jones of "Lone Star Reptiles". I purchased my breeding stock from breeders with very high reputations such as Brian Barczyk of "BHB", Earl Jones of "Lone Star", Mike Freedman of "The Florida Reptile Ranch", Adam Chesla of "Adam Chesla Reptiles", Garrick Demeyer of "Royal Constrictor Designs", John Dague of "J.D. Constriction", Westly Mayen of "Str8 Fire Reptiles", Mark Petros of "Mark Petros Reptiles" and Fred Kick of "Kicks Balls". Although these breeders are known for their high end morphs, I would like to be your stepping stone for "Affordable Ball Morphs". Thank you for your interest and Best Wishes, Bob