Beautiful Male Super Stripe Or Super Specter Ball Python (#03BP2020-05)

Beautiful Male Super Stripe Or Super Specter Ball Python
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Description. This gorgeous little guy was produced using our wild-caught "Yellow Belly" and our Super Stripe . This is her first clutch and we produced, what looks like, three Super Stripes and 2 Yellow Bellies or Specters. No Ivories were produced. Could our female be a new line of Specter and these Super Stripes are really Super Specters? or did we miss the odds for an Ivory? You be the judge. We're selling these at Super Stripe prices. Breeding them to an Ivory will prove them out. Either way, it's a win-win for you because you'll never get a Normal with this guy!
We actually produced three of these and they are all males. If you'd like to see photos of the other two babies you can visit our web site and follow the links to clutch 03BP2020 at SlytherInn.
09/07/2020 Update: This is the last 'Super Stripe' available. I actually have a spot of white on his head. Not sure what this means, but it's pretty cool. It may disappear with subsequent sheds. We didn't notice it when he hatched.
Beautiful Male Super Stripe Or Super Specter
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Yellow Belly Specter
19th June 2020
Live Rat

Alexandria, Virginia United States of America flag

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