Calico Het Clown Ball Python (#s113)

Calico Het Clown Ball Python
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Calico Het Clown
Ball Python Subadult
Python regius
Calico 100% Het Clown
Live Mouse

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Genetics Guarantee
Any 100% heterozygous trait is 100% guaranteed under any circumstances. We produce our hets with our own visual animals so there is no room for error. Possible hets are the result of breeding het x het or het x normal and will be listed as possible hets. These may or may not prove out.

Sometimes with high end/ multi gene combos it can be difficult to determine exactly what visual genes are present, so we cannot 100% guarantee these. We have multiple decades of breeding experience and use this knowledge gained over the years to identify and label multi gene animals as accurately as possible. Sometimes there might be an extra gene at play we weren’t aware of, or sometimes there might be slightly different genes than we initially thought but this is rare. We have produced dozens and dozens of world’s first combinations so sometimes there is nothing to compare to in order to be 100% accurate. If you have any questions about the genes listed in any ads, feel free to contact us before purchasing.

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We ship FedEx priority overnight only. We ship solely at our discretion based on the weather and other factors such as holidays and local events. Our live arrival guarantee is only valid if the high and low temperatures are between 30 and 90 degrees at our location, and the final arrival destination. Our live arrival guarantee is immediately null and void if the customer is unavailable on the first Fedex delivery attempt.

We will sometimes make shipping exceptions at customers’ request but will notify the customer if their live arrival guarantee would be invalidated by that exception. We will never ship an animal if we feel there is any real risk of that animal’s health being put in jeopardy. Our animals come 100% first and we would rather lose a sale than risk a snake to poor shipping choices.

We may decide it is safer to ship to your local fedex ship center for pickup, rather than send it for residential delivery. This is at our discretion and we will notify the customer before making these decisions.

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We cannot extend any guarantee past these terms, as we are no longer in control of and have no way to verify the conditions in which the animal is kept. Sometimes animals’ behavior will change based on new stimuli such as: being shipped, being brought to a show, being setup in a new environment they aren’t used to, etc. Please expect that your snake may not immediately feed and may show different behavior based on the additional stress of being sold and sent to a new environment. If you choose to make different husbandry choices than our recommendations then be aware that we cannot guarantee the same results we see with our tried and true methods.

Veterinary costs: in the event that it is necessary to take your animal to the vet, we have never and will never cover these costs. If an animal arrives in a condition that requires veterinary care we will send a return label to immediately send it back the next day. We have our own trusted veterinarians we work with. The unfortunate truth about exotics vets is that the quality of treatment and the qualifications of the doctors varies wildly from practice to practice and from state to state. We would rather use our trusted vets than risk poor treatment and diagnoses at an unknown and questionably qualified exotics vet. We recommend strongly against taking reptiles to “dog and cat” vets, even if they will see them, as we have found that many times these vets are not necessarily qualified and sometimes know less about the specific animals than the customers bringing them in.

We reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason. Typically this rule is invoked in instances where we do not believe our animal is going to a good home, but we may decline sales for any other reason at any time.

Payment plans will be arranged on a case by case basis and the terms will be outlined in text at that time. Typically we do not accept payment plans below $500. We require a nonrefundable deposit to hold any animal. If the customer fails to meet the terms of the plan (including payment deadlines) then the contract is breached and the deposit considered forfeit. We reserve the right to decline offers for payment plans.

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Shipping for baby ball pythons, boas, and other animals that fit in a 7x7x7 box is a flat rate $50 nationwide.

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