Bongo Ball Python (#M1Bongo2020)

Description. Fantastic quality Bongo boy, one of my favorite base genes.
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Frozen/Thawed Rat

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Recessives, 100% Hets and basic common combos are always guaranteed. With certain uncommon combos and genes that are difficult to identify mistakes on IDing may be made as this is a guessing game a lot of the time. I will note in the description when I am not 100% sure about the combo and will let you know my best guess and other possibilities. All shipped animals will come with a physical birth certificate. I am not a professional photographer but I always try to represent my animals as accurately as I know how in my pictures. Additional pictures may be provided among request to serious buyers. Please research the genetics that you are interested in and understand what you are buying.

Although I am confident in my ability to sex these animals and label them accurately I recommend you to double check the sexes of the animals purchased for yourself and contact me if there are any concerns.

The animal you receive is likely to be larger than what the advertisement states based on factors such as when the animal was last formally weighted or when the ad was last updated. If an accurate up to date weight is important to you please ask.

Temperament is NEVER guaranteed. Please understand that these are LIVING REPTILES that can and will hiss, strike and bite when they feel it is necessary. Even an animal that was completely calm for the breeder may feel nervous and defensive in a new environment. If temperament is a concern for you, please ask about the specific animal and I will do my best to let you know about it's personality- every animal is a little different. No refunds or returns will be offered because a snake hissed at you- these are living reptiles not toys or accessories.

There is no such thing as a ball python that looks exactly the same as a hatchling as it does an adult. Depending on the morph and combo these animals can go through a very minimal color/hue change as it grows and ages or it can go through a pretty drastic change. This is very common knowledge to those with experience but it may come as a surprise to new keepers. Please do your research on the animals and morphs you are interested in and do not necessarily expect an animal who's ad is several months old to look exactly as it's hatchling picture. I am happy to send additional up to date pictures to serious buyers. [Recommend viewing pictures on a desktop as cell phones can oversaturate images especially in certain combos such as Banana morphs]
There will be no returns or refunds on any animals unless there is a critical error on my end such as sending the wrong snake or sexing the animal incorrectly.

Please contact me via inquiring through the actual Morphmarket ad for the animal that you are looking at. I can also be reached at or a direct PM on Facebook at Cole Zdanis.

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About Kalogenic Reptiles. The word Kalogenic comes from the Greek adjective 'kalos' meaning 'beautiful' as well as the suffix 'genic' meaning to generate or referring to genes. As such, the 'Kalogenic' in Kalogenic Reptiles can be translated as "To Create Beauty" or "Beautiful Genetics".
I am a smaller-scale breeder who pursues the concept of quality over quantity and strives to hatch out the unique.
Supplying healthy quality animals to professional breeders, first-time keepers, and everyone in between.

Thanks for looking!!
-Cole Zdanis