Coral Glow Spinner (Possible Spinner Blast) Ball Python

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Coral Glow Spinner (Possible Spinner Blast) Ball Python
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Description. This sweet little guy is from a coral glow het genetic stripe X spinner blast pairing. He may very well be a coral glow spinner blast, but it's really hard to tell for sure whether he has the pastel gene or not. His eyes are deep green, so I think he probably does carry the pastel gene. His sire is a male maker coral glow proven het for genetic stripe, so this little guy should also be a male maker and is 50% possible het for genetic stripe. He is docile and feeding reliably on live prey.
Coral Glow Spinner (Possible Spinner Blast)
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Coral Glow Pos Het Genetic Stripe Pinstripe Spider
November 2016
Live Mouse




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