Mojave Pied Believed To Be KRG As Well Ball Python (#C01-KRGMOPD-20…)

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Description. This girl is growing out well, Hatched in 2019 and well started on Rats and Mice, Has been fed FT several times. We believe her to be KRG as well but we have not produced enough of this Gene combo to be 100% sure so this is reflected in the price. A picture of the pairing tag is included for your information, please review the pictures carefully as we can not be 100% sure there is KRG in her but we have produced several Mojave Pieds and this one has different rings around the patches. We are happy to take more pictures but please only as if your seriously interested. We will ask you exactly what you want a picture of.
Mojave Pied Believed To Be KRG As Well
Ball Python Subadult
Python regius
Piebald Mojave KRG




Punta Gorda, Florida United States of America flag

At Least 50.00 (Domestic)
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