Disco Lesser Enchi Pinstripe Het Rainbow

Ball Python Adult
Python regius

ID: m16.1

Disco Lesser Enchi Pinstripe Het Rainbow

Ball Python Adult
Python regius


Birth: 2017
Weight: 1550g
Diet: Live Rat

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Shipping: 60.00-120.00 (Domestic)
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Animal ID: m16.1
First Posted: 12/24/21
Last Renewed: 01/21/23
Last Updated: 01/21/23

San Antonio, Texas
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We recommend sending a message with Inquire to Buy, but if you contact the seller in another way refer to this item as MorphMarket ID #765295.

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Payments can be made via paypal ([email protected]), credit card, zelle, venmo, cashapp, or wire transfer. 30 day payment plans available with a non-refundable deposit for animals over $1000.


All animals are feeding on appropriately sized live rodents and come with a 7 day health guarantee. Genetics are determined based off of the animals lineage. Certain combinations are difficult to determine so we make our best guess based on what is provided in the clutch and opinion of other breeders. Gender and listed 100% heterozygous animals are guaranteed. Live arrival is guaranteed through our overnight service as long as someone is available to receive your ball python upon arrival. If there are any problems with your ball python upon delivery we must be notified immediately. In the event that we need to replace a snake we will either issue a credit for the value or send a similar replacement.

Regional Shipping

We ship our ball pythons from San Antonio, Texas using our Ship Your Reptiles live animal shipping account. We use new heavily insulated boxes and heat packs as needed. All ball pythons will only be shipped in accordance with SYR standards (https://shipyourreptiles.com/en/get-help/get-help-shipping-standards). If there are any problems upon receiving your animals, we must be notified immediately.

International Shipping

We can ship to any country where CITES permits are accepted and it is legal to do so. Our minimum order for export is $5000 USD.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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About On the Ball Pythons

In business since 2013, On the Ball Pythons was founded to create and share project animals with other ball python breeders and enthusiasts. Please read our policy information as it answers many of the recurring questions that we receive on a daily basis.

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