Pastel Calico Dbl Het DG Hypo Ball Python (#21-18M-PasCalh…)

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Description. Pairing was a Pastel Chocolate DG Hypo 50% het Caramel Albino male to a Calico Enchi female. He might have Chocolate in him as well, but I'm not entirely sure. He eats live mouse weanlings or rat fuzzies. I got 2 males from this clutch, I'm keeping his brother and I really need to make more room in my racks, so I'm letting this one go. Pictures of the parents are available upon request.
Pastel Calico Dbl Het DG Hypo
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Pastel 100% Het Desert Ghost 100% Het Hypo Calico
September 2021
Live Mouse




Harleyville, South Carolina United States of America flag

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About Renee's Reptiles. My main focus is going to be on ball pythons, however I may expand to other types of reptiles in the future. I am very excited to start showing the world what I can do, and will strive to do my best for my reptiles and future customers.