Description: Produced By Breeding a Pastel Het Red Axanthic male to a Lemon Blast Het Red Axanthic female. ... View more

    Red Axanthic Pastel

    Ball Python Adult
    Python regius


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    ID: 19.76.1m

    Red Axanthic Pastel

    Ball Python Adult
    Python regius


    Produced By Breeding a Pastel Het Red Axanthic male to a Lemon Blast Het Red Axanthic female.
    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 2019
    Weight: 728g
    Diet: Live Rat

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    Shipping: 50.00-100.00 (Domestic)
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    Trades: No Trades

    Animal ID: 19.76.1m
    First Posted: 02/15/22
    Last Renewed: 11/22/23
    Last Updated: 11/22/23

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