Pastel Lesser Leopard

Ball Python Adult
Python regius

ID: 19pll

Pastel Lesser Leopard

Ball Python Adult
Python regius


Birth: 2019
Weight: 1200g
Diet: Live Rat

Shipping: 40.00-200.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: 19pll
First Posted: 05/21/22
Last Renewed: 02/28/23
Last Updated: 02/28/23

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We recommend sending a message with Inquire to Buy, but if you contact the seller in another way refer to this item as MorphMarket ID #922305.

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Payments via paypal, CC via Square, Fb pay , Cash App , money order ,Crypto , etc . Please contact me about payment plan options. 30 or 60 day payment plans available with a non-refundable deposit. All animals are feeding on appropriate rodents and come with a live arrival and 7 day health guarantee. We ship FedEx Priority Overnite weather permitting on both ends . Genetics are based on our opinion based off their pairing. Certain combinations can be very difficult to be 100% sure on so we make our best guess based on what is provided in the clutch and opinion of other breeders. All hets are guaranteed.

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