Pastel Het Pied Ph Sunset Poss Sandblast Ball Python (#DPSMAUI)

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Description. Gorgeous example of a mundane gene, I picked him up thinking he'll prove, but changed my mind about using him. He was bit by a rat on his head as a baby but it's healing slowly shed by shed. FREE SHIPPING IF PURCHASED THIS MONTH.
Pastel Het Pied Ph Sunset Poss Sandblast
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
Pos Het Sunset Pastel Sandblast 100% Het Piebald
Domestically Produced
Live Rat




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50.00-100.00 (Domestic)
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Will Consider
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About DragonFly Ranch. I got my first ball python, a pied, 2 years ago, and I was immediately hooked! My dream morph is a DragonFly pied and that's what really got me thinking about breeding. I've collected animals for several recessive projects, many of which will incorporate my pet project of creating DragonFly combinations. I'm heading in to my second breeding season.