Normal 100% Het Wei Line Burmese Python (#Weiland)

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Description. 100% het Wei Line (Waterview) Male burmese produced initially by a breeding project between Megaconda and Wildfire Retics. We picked him up when he was a baby and have had him since. Our focus has shifted, as well as the difficulty of finding a female to create visual Wei Line burms. With the market now having DH pied/Wei line snakes introduced, this is a way to get another bloodline moving again. He has grown steadily, not powerfed. He does have his days where he will hiss and not want to be handled but he is manageable. We have worked with him with hook training and he responds positively. His food drive is on par with a retic and he smashes 2XL rats. We spent a lot of time thinking of the direction to go with him but we feel someone else can use his potential better.
Normal 100% Het Wei Line
Burmese Python Subadult
Python bivittatus
100% Het Waterview
Domestically Produced




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