Hypo Het Pied, Albino And Poss Het Granite

Burmese Python Baby/Juvenile
Python bivittatus


I have beautiful male Hypo het pied albino and poss het granite available. He’s eating on f/t mice or rats and ready to go. Add to any of my other availability for discounts and save on shipping! Any questions just ask. Thanks ... View more

Hypo Het Pied, Albino And Poss Het Granite

Burmese Python Baby/Juvenile
Python bivittatus


Birth: 2021
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat

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Shipping: 60.00 (Domestic)

Group ID: HYHPD1-1
First Posted: 02/24/22
Last Renewed: 03/28/23
Last Updated: 03/28/23

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Burmese Python Clutch: HYHPD1-1


1 Offspring

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My name is Keith Basiliko owner of Disturbed Reptiles. I have been breeding reptiles for over 20 years now and focus on quality bred BCI morphs, ball python morphs, Burmese python morphs and various colubrids and others. I will consistently help you through buying and after purchasing care. I have a great reputation and can't wait to help you with your new scaley friend. Thank you happy shopping

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