Jungle Carpet Python Baby/Juvenile
Morelia spilota cheynei

ID: 22-CP-02


Jungle Carpet Python Baby/Juvenile
Morelia spilota cheynei


Traits: Zebra
Birth: 3rd June 2022
Weight: 59g
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

Shipping: 1.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: 22-CP-02
First Posted: 08/05/22
Last Renewed: 11/10/22
Last Updated: 11/29/22


Nice little Zebra Jungle carpet python from a bright yellow Jungle male produced by Michael Beach paired with a Super Zebra Jungle female produced by Nick Mutton. Picture of dad is attached for reference, this baby should end up coloring up really well.

Taking f/t large fuzzy mice. Likes to bluff strike but should calm down with age.

Shipping is included in the price.

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