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Description. This is a Male Mixed Breed Jaguar. He is het for amelanism. In 2020 and 2021 he bred with a Mixed Breed Female that is also het for amelanism. They produced Jaguars, Jaguar siblings and Albinos including 2 Albino Jaguars. This year they only produced Jaguars and Jaguar siblings. He is tame and calm but has a very strong feeding response. I use a hook to take him out of his cage and as soon as I have him out and in my hands he is completely tame. He displays fairly serious neuro issues and will sometimes lay in strange positions and his movements are sometimes jerky and awkward. His neuro issues seem to go away when it is time to eat and he will eat without any problem. He readily takes frozen and thawed mice and chicks. He is a good looking snake and would make a good display specimen but his real worth is as a breeder. Shipping will be fairly expensive because he will need a 15X11X7 box.
Proven Albino Jaguar Producer
Other Carpet Python Adult
100% Het Albino Jaguar
Domestically Produced
1.9 m (total length)
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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About Jeff Clark Snakes. I have been keeping and breeding snakes since 1964. I currently work with Brazilian Rainbow Boas, various Carpet Pythons and Guyana Redtail Boas. I strive to produce great pet quality snakes at reasonable prices.