Motley Goldenchild HOGS Reticulated Python (#22GCHOGSM)

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Description. Parents: Dwarf Ivy GC Tiger HOGS X Motley OGS
Motley Goldenchild HOGS
Reticulated Python Baby/Juvenile
Python reticulatus
Golden Child 100% Het Orange Ghost Stripe
April 2022
Live Rat




Fond du Lac, Wisconsin United States of America flag

50.00-200.00 (Domestic)
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At In Your Face Exotix we've always tried to give you the best animals in quality, care, cost and support. Over the last couple years we've upped our presence on media and at many well known shows and circuits. We have breeding programs with many great respected breeders as well. With that being said.. we decided to go one step further to ensure you'll always get the best from the best.. We are implementing a testing protocol that we will be doing a couple times a year. With a stable of 800 plus animals. You can def run into issues or problems can arise if you're not careful or have a protocol to help you. We are pleased to announce that the first batch of 20 some tests for Nido came back negative. And can show anyone proof if they are really wanting to see it. So you can all be assured that the animal you get from us will not only be of amazing genetics and excellent disposition. But also we can guarantee that it will be 100% virus free!