Purple GC Suntiger Ph OGS Reticulated Python (#PGCST)

Purple GC Suntiger Ph OGS Reticulated Python
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Description. Breeding was Purple Super Suntiger HOGS x GC dbl het Purple OGS
Purple GC Suntiger Ph OGS
Reticulated Python Baby/Juvenile
Python reticulatus
66% Het Orange Ghost Stripe Albino (Purple Phase) Golden Child Tiger Sunfire
April 2020
Frozen/Thawed Rat

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Store policy. Terms: All animals are guaranteed healthy & correctly sexed. Animals also guaranteed to be handleable and eating f/t rodents unless otherwise noted. Owning a large constrictor species comes with a lot of responsibility, I have the right to refuse sale to anyone that I feel is not fit to properly manage, house, feed, and provide for a Reticulated Python.

Payment: Payment plans on orders exceeding $1000 are available with a non refundable 50% down payment for a payoff term of 2 months. Payments accepted in cash or PayPal.

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About SCConstrictors. Specializing In selectively bred designer Sunfire Reticulated Python Morphs. Providing 3rd and 4th generation hand raised and animals.

My Objective - selectively breeding the best of the best Sunfire Reticulated Pythons and making them better! Quality > Quantity