Double Het G-Stripe And Lavender Reticulated Python
(2 available)

Double Het G-Stripe And Lavender Reticulated Python
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Description. We have 2 beautiful double het yearlings looking for homes!
2.2 (2 males and 2 Females)
350 for males
450 for females
And 600 for a pair!
As they sell I will update this post and you can always ask for more pictures!
This is one of the males listed!
They are roughly 3 to 4 FEET!
Representative photo: One or more of the available animals are not pictured.
Double Het G-Stripe And Lavender
Reticulated Python Subadult
Python reticulatus
(2 available)
100% Het Albino (Purple Phase) 100% Het Genetic Stripe
Domestically Produced
1 m (total length)
Live Rat

Deer Trail, Colorado United States of America flag

40.00-60.00 (Domestic)
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About Rocky Mountain Reptiles LLC. Dedicating to improving and furthing our reptilian bloodlines! High end quality crested geckos and ball pythons not only with the beautiful colors and patterns everyone loves, but with the size and structure to make your jaw drop! Bigger is better here! Quality over quantity, the animals are what's important here and I won't be satisfied until it shows!

Shipping is not included and payment plans are available for a 25% non refundable down payment for a 30 day plan. I will work with you if something comes up, I know life happens and as long as you keep in touch I can work with you! I have a 7 day health GARENTEE in the unlikely event the animal passes away during this time we can give credit towards an animal of equal or lesser value, however proper pictures and documentation is required for a proper investigation, if you cannot provide the documentation or it is past the 7 days the replacement credit is void.

In the event of a D.O.A with proper documentation and in a one hour time period of the animals drop off a replacement will be discussed and sent of equal or lesser value. However, if the package is not picked up or opened within that hour OR without documented proof the deal above is void.

Tail drops. They happen.

In the event you can no longer take care of or no longer want the animal I will happily take the animal back into our possession with the ask that you pay for the cost of shipping.