Gorgeous Anery Tiger Dwarf Reticulated Python (#ST12-01)

Description. This is a very beautiful anery tiger adult male dwarf retic with an exceptional tiger pattern. He was produced from super dwarf and Jampea dwarf lineage and grew to be a little bigger than I had hoped. He weigh just under 25 pounds and is over two meters long. See size reference photo. He eats frozen / thawed large or extra large rats very reliably. He has friendly temperament and handles okay after you catch him with a large snake hook. He is very, long, strong and active, so advanced snake handling skills are needed with a snake of this size. Shipping hold at location to customer's FedEx hub required. Please see RepStylin® Store Policy on MorphMarket for details on how to purchase this and / or other snakes. Thanks!
Gorgeous Anery Tiger Dwarf
Reticulated Python Adult
Python reticulatus
Dwarf Anerythristic Tiger
Frozen/Thawed Rat




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