CB Red Eared Slider Turtle (#CBRes12A)

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CB Red Eared Slider Turtle
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Description. Disclaimer: These turtles get large and are not suit for aquariums their entire lives.If buying for a child, please be involved and hold them accountable.Their interests change daily. Holds are free of charge. These guys are omnivores. They are fed a decent sized meal every other day or can be fed a smaller portion every day. Variety is key. They have been feeding on things such as mealworms, superworms, black soldierfly larvae, rosy red minnows, golden shiners, shrimp, tilapia, clams, and aquatic vegetation. Prepared and store foods are fine in moderation, but natural foods are essential. Filtration, a tank heater, uv lighting, a basking platform, and a simple flood light bulb are adequate for proper housing. You can get creative by even adding live plants such as water hyacinth and duck weed.You want smooth shell growth. Preventing pyramiding is easy. Don't overfeed(i recommend feeding every other day)and give the things listed above. Payment is via zelle
CB Red Eared
Slider Turtle Baby/Juvenile
17th July 2022
4 cm (total length)

Memphis, Tennessee United States of America flag

65.00-100.00 (Domestic)
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About Ed's Habitat. I'm simply an author and a guy passionate about animals. I take in rescues and they reproduce. The animals I choose to sell are captive born offspring due to surplus. I wouldn't rehome them otherwise. Therefore, you must meet requirements and do your homework to keep these animals before sale. These aren't just things you buy off impulse, but lives. Something to get excited about, a new found passion, and something to get others excited about. This is conservation. I'm hoping to one-day purchase a huge property and start an animal shelter and wildlife sanctuary... I also like pizza.

P.S. do right by your animals.