Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles Side & Snake-necked Turtle (#1002)

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Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles Side & Snake-necked Turtle
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Description. These are all over 1 year old!
10 for 350!!
Wholesale prices available 16 pink bellies available
Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles
Side & Snake-necked Turtle Subadult

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100% Live Arrival Guarantee

Live Arrival

We guarantee that our animals will arrive alive and healthy. With that being said, we require that there is someone home at the time of arrival and that the temperature is within 40F-85F. We will mutually agree on a shipping date before any animals are shipped to ensure availability and temperatures on both ends.

Shipping is offered via Fedex or UPS as Priority Overnight, meaning that the package should arrive by 10:30 AM the following day. However, more remote areas may have a delay in arrival time. Shipping is preferred earlier in the week (Mon-Wed) to insure that a gecko will not be stuck at a hub through the weekend due to unusual circumstances.

At the moment, shipments can only be made to the 48 continental states.

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Terms of Sale and Additional Guarantees.

Live Animal Purchases Are Final

All live animal purchases are final. No refunds will be provided unless an animal is DOA and there is no item available of equal value for replacement. In case of a DOA, I must be contacted with photographic proof within 5 hours. A replacement or store credit will be provided. Orders must be paid in full before they are shipped.

Health Guarantee

We offer a 7-day health guarantee because we are confident that your new pet is going to be 100% healthy upon arrival and for the days to come. The only reason why our health guarantee is not longer is because we have no way of monitoring any improper husbandry from inexperienced keepers. If there are any concerns with the animal, please do not hesitate in contacting me in order to avoid any potential problems. This health guarantee does not cover outside injuries such as tail loss, attacks by other animals, keeper mistakes, etc.

*If an animal drops its tail during the shipping process there will be no refunds or returns available all sales are Final. We cannot control the outcome of shipping and if an animal loses its tail it does not effect the health of the animal.

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