C.A. X3 ProvenAdultFemales Wood Turtle (#X3CAWd)

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C.A. X3 ProvenAdultFemales Wood Turtle
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Description. x3 Adult Female Central American Wood Turtles
All 3 Females are 2nd Generation captive bred between 2007 & 2009. Grandparents were WC imports. These ladies and their parents have been within my family since hatch. I've had them six years, three years of which they had planned healthy clutches. Two of the three were witnessed breeding this year, so they will likely produce in 2023. All three girls are very healthy and solid, they're kept outside when possible and inside in a large terrarium during winter. Fed organic fruits and veggies, as well as live insects, and small fish, so they will hunt and sustain themselves. Individual weights and pictures available upon request. Will make amazing pets, breeders, or both.Prefer all three go together, will consider individual sale.
C.A. X3 ProvenAdultFemales
Wood Turtle Adult
Glyptemys insculpta
Domestically Produced
September 2009
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Plain City, Ohio United States of America flag

50.00-100.00 (Domestic)
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