Texa-Glades Leucistic Ghost Pair Other Rat Snake (#1690)

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Texa-Glades Leucistic Ghost Pair Other Rat Snake
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Description. Male: Leucistic Ghost (red pupils)
Female: Ghost 66% Leucistic
Start producing Ghosts and very likely Red Eyed Leucistics with no chance of eye issues right out the gate, with this pair of immaculate and well established animals.

Snakes are not available individually unfortunately.

Pure Everglades rat snakes (previously Elaphe rossalleni) have fairly recently been bred to Texas rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri) to subvert the propensity of "bubble" eyes in the leucistic form. They eat very well and are a fantastic addition for any collector that is looking to explore new morphs and colours in the world of American Rat Snakes. The Ghost gene is still extremely recent in these animals, which leaves a whole world of possibilities to explore, including our Red Eyed Lucy mutation.

These are a great choice for people who like their snakes a little "spicy".
Texa-Glades Leucistic Ghost Pair
Other Rat Snake Subadult
21st February 2020
Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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