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Have you ever wished for a modern website for Reptile buying and selling in South Africa?

If so, you've come to the right place. MorphMarket is the largest Reptile marketplace in the world with thousands of breeders across North America, Europe and South Africa.
“Best thing to happen to the Reptile Industry since the Internet started.”
Greg Graziani (The Python Hunter), Graziani Reptiles

MorphMarket initially launched in late 2015 in the United States with Ball Pythons. Since then we've added every category of Reptile plus Amphibians and Invertebrates.

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  • We receive half a million unique visitors per month according to Google Analytics. As far as we know, there is no larger Reptile-specific platform.
  • Our market has animals from top breeders from around the world. Here's what our sellers are saying:
    “Most innovative online Reptile Classifieds. Just what the Gecko Industry needs!”
    Garrick Demeyer, CrestedGecko.com
    “I sold out this week and attribute this to MorphMarket.”
    Kenny Saito @ Boaffliction
    “Substantially increased our number of sales leads. Extremely helpful to marketing my animals.”
    Tim Bailey, Bailey & Bailey Reptiles
    “About time someone started using modern web technology in our hobby.”
    Matt Huck, OWAL Reptiles and Genetic Calculator
    “A game changer for us. Our increased sales and the customer service have made us a loyal member.”
    Ryan McGehee (while at Boa Barn)
  • Users love MorphMarket because it makes finding exotic Reptiles easy, while having advanced features when they're needed. Watch this 1 minute video to see.
  • Sellers love MorphMarket because it saves them time.
    “MorphMarket is the new standard for Boa classifieds. The bulk import feature allowed us to create all our ads at once, saving hours of time.”
    Randi and Shane McBroom, Ragin' Redtails & Exotics
    “MorphMarket makes posting and managing my ads fast and efficient. Now my customers can see my entire inventory. I am definitely a fan!”
    Ken Baumgarten, Mainely Boas
    Watch how to create 10 ads in 30 seconds:

Join us in bringing a modern marketplace to the Bearded Dragon Community in South Africa.

Other new Reptile classifieds have come and gone, unable to fill this gap that the community needs. MorphMarket is here to stay.

“Supporting new and innovative businesses such as MorphMarket is critical to keeping our hobby strong! When small hobby breeders are successful in marketing their animals, the hobby will continue to grow and sustain itself.”
Amad Osman, Ozzy Boids LLC

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John Lehmann
MorphMarket Founder