Killer Mojave Clown 66% Het Ultramel Ball Python (#208467271)

Killer Mojave Clown 66% Het Ultramel Ball Python
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Killer Mojave Clown 66% Het Ultramel
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Mojave Super Pastel Clown 66% Het Ultramel
Live Rat

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We currently accept cash and EFT. Payment plans can be negotiated and must be agreed signed, in writing before the transaction can take place. In such instances, we typically require a 25% non-refundable deposit followed by the agreed-upon instalments (no longer than 60 days).

Our Quality Guarantee :
We are so confident in our service that all of our animals carry a 100% guarantee of:
Healthy arrival
Proper sexing

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We offer shipping throughout South Africa and uphold all the stator requirements to export globally.

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Want to see our facility first-hand? We understand that passionate breeders want the quality assurance of seeing their future purchase up close and personal. The only thing we love more than breeding high-quality snakes is meeting people with the same passion

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About Reptiles for Centuries. Unique Western Hognose and Ball Python Morphs :

Reptiles for Centuries is a South African-based captive snake breeder and exporter
specialising in genetic mutation among the Western Hognose and Ball Python families.

Our rare morphs are prized among collectors who seek responsibly-bred animals. We have the
utmost respect for our beautiful creatures and so our mission is to maintain genetic integrity for the
safety and longevity of our reptiles.
We ship throughout South Africa and abroad.

Care and Condition Go Hand in Hand :

We exist because of a pure fascination and passion for reptiles. Although formally established in 2013, our founder, DJ van Wyk, already had several years’ experience rearing snakes. His first clutch was from a Burmese python.

DJ has immersed himself in the world of reptile genetics and breeding. He has been mastering his craft for just under a decade. In this time, his deep understanding and natural talent have enabled him to build up Reptiles for Centuries into an established business with a firm reputation among other breeders.

Breeds at Reptiles For Centuries :

Unique Colour Morphs and Rare, Selective Mutations Available

Exclusive, Spectacular Lines, Colours and Genes for Collection and Husbandry

Reptiles for Centuries is a private captive snake husbandry enterprise specialising in genetic morphs of Ball Pythons and Western Hognose snakes.

We pride ourselves on having a solid reputation for producing snakes with strong, healthy genes that yield a high return on investment (ROI) for fellow breeders and collectors. We care first and foremost about the condition of our animals and the integrity of their genes. In the spirit of responsible breeding, pairing is determined by what lies in our reptiles’ best interest. Ball Python Morphs & Genetic Mutations
A popular breed in both South Africa and abroad, ball pythons are known for having exquisite lines and numerous varied colour combinations. When it comes to ball pythons, most of our work centres on recessive projects, namely clown, pied and desert ghost.
We are strategically sourcing and introducing newer genes to our collection each year. These are both recessive and dominant projects. As ever, our aim is to maintain superior genetic strength, and so we are discerning about our pairings.

Western Hognose Morphs & Genetic Mutations :

We offer top-quality hognose breeds to suit every budget.
Here, our work here is typically focused on recessive mutations as well. However, over recent years we have paid more attention to specific line bred traits to enhance the quality in those morphs.
With each breeding season, we produce yields from low- to high-end animals that are affordable for snake enthusiasts across the board.

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Stay up to date with what’s in the incubator, future pairing and insights from inside the racks at Reptiles for Centuries.
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