Our goal is to support the reptile community with modern tools for both enthusiasts and professionals to better plan, grow, and market their collections.


MorphMarket is written in the Python programming language (what else?). The website uses natural language processing and data science to make the easiest integrated system for finding, selling, and analyzing our beloved animals.


Gene Data: Special thanks to Matt of OWAL Reptiles for contributing his gene data and providing ongoing expertise on morphs especially with the Ball Python Genetic Calculator as well as providing genetic data for Boa Constrictors.

Photography: Header photos generously contributed by Dave McGowen of Texoma Reptiles. I highly recommend you check out his stuff!


MorphMarket was created by John Lehmann, a native to the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. John's roles in the in the software industry have included leading projects at startup and research companies, providing consulting to enterprise corporations, and even managing as CEO and president. He is known for his specialization in language processing and data science. Most precious to him are his beautiful wife and three wonderful children.

John's love for animals began early. Pets growing up included fish, hamsters, parakeets, and cats. His first snake was a poorly-chosen ill-tempered wild-caught retic. Today, John and his family enjoy a modest collection of ball pythons.

This hobby led him to discover and appreciate the online reptile community. At the same time, he along with many others felt that something was missing in the available technology. This was the inspiration for MorphMarket, a site designed to make buying and selling ball pythons and other reptiles unconventionally easy and fun.