Super Pastel Orange Ghost Het Desert Ghost Ball Python (#MALE-SPOGHETDG…)

Description. Beautiful male, genetically powerful, ready to go after he hits 100g+
Super Pastel Orange Ghost Het Desert Ghost
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Super Pastel 100% Het Desert Ghost Orange Ghost
Frozen/Thawed Mouse

Corringham, England United Kingdom flag

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Animal not sold until non-refundable deposit is paid, I dont mind holding animals and doing short paymant plans but a non-refundable deposit is required.I Can ship around Uk and to Hamm in Germany, USA possible
(Based Near Lakeside Shopping Centre Thurrock,Essex)

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About Hognose.UK. I have been breeding snakes and Lizards for 30 years, I am more known for breeding a lot of firsts in the hognose world but I work with a fair few species inc sand boas, Hydronastes, ball pythons, hognoses, Cat eyes etc I am not really well known for Ball pythons but I have quietly over the last 10 years built up a nice array of genes and have made a fair few world firsts. If you cant see what you are looking for then please email me, I always have a quantity of young snakes growing on that are not quite ready to go yet and are not advertised but will be ready to go soon