Champagne Desert Ghost Fire Ball Python (#Champagne.dg.f…)

Description. Stunning animal. Not many of these around if any. Getting brighter every shed.
Champagne Desert Ghost Fire
Ball Python Subadult
Python regius
Champagne Fire Desert Ghost
Domestically Produced
10th October 2020
Frozen/Thawed Soft-Furred Rat




Bures, England United Kingdom flag

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Store policy. (NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only contact me if you are serious about buying one of my snakes.
I will need a non refundable deposit to hold a snake and wont let the snake go until full payment has been made.
Snakes will only leave me when they are confidently strike feeding on asf rats and in perfect health.
The snake pictured in each add is the exact animal for sale and my pictures have not been enhanced. The Gene's are identified to the best of my knowledge and the snakes are sold as seen in the ads.
I cannot be responsible for snakes lost or injured in transit.
Once the snake reaches the customer I cannot be responsible if the snake/s decide not to feed or become ill due to poor husbandry.
If you like any of my snakes send me your number and I'll wats app you with up to date pictures/weights and pictures of the mother/father/locks/whole clutch.
I can organise shipping at the buyers expense.
I'm always happy to offer any pre or aftercare advice.

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About Ben's Ball Pythons. My hobby and passion is ball pythons and i have 25 years experience in keeping snakes.
I have a normal ball python that i have had as a pet for 25 years which shows my love and dedication to these snakes.
I have a small collection of pet ball pythons from reputable breeders and I can offer for sale any snakes I don't hold back for my collection. I am aiming for quality not quantity.
I breed my own asf rats and keep them to high welfare standards in large breeding tubs. I believe that if you feed quality rodents you get quality offspring.