SD/Dwarf Anery 100% Het. Purple Snow Reticulated Python (#2015-M-SD/D/An…)

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SD/Dwarf Anery 100% Het. Purple Snow Reticulated Python
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Description. 2015 SD/Dwarf Anery 100% Het. Purple Snow Male (1.0) Reticulated Python. 9' snout to tail.
62.5% Dwarf
37.5% Super Dwarf
Produced by and purchased from Vital Exotics in April 2015.
SD/Dwarf Anery 100% Het. Purple Snow
Reticulated Python Adult
Python reticulatus
Super Dwarf Dwarf 100% Het Albino (Purple Phase) Anerythristic Albino
Domestically Produced
April 2015
Frozen/Thawed Rat

Goodrich, Michigan United States of America flag

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