3 Tumacs

Other Dart Frog Subadult

ID: Tum

Around 16 months. Believed all male so only a female needed to start breeding. ... View more

3 Tumacs

Other Dart Frog Subadult


Diet: Live Meal Replacement

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Shipping: 45.00-70.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: Tum
First Posted: 01/22/23
Last Updated: 02/06/23

Taunton, England
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Payment: We accept PayPal, bank or cash. 1/3rd deposit is required to hold any Crested Gecko purchased and is non-refundable if you change your mind. You can however transfer the deposit over to any other Gecko I am selling if you would prefer a different one (Within 3 days of purchase).
We will only hold the Gecko once the deposit has been received, and only for 2 weeks.
If you want/need the Gecko held for longer you will need to pay in full, but again, this will be non-refundable if you change your mind, but you may pick another Gecko I am selling.
The full balance of any Gecko will need to be paid before the date of Courier collection or he/she will not be sent.

Information: All information on each Gecko is written in the ads, If you would like more photos of him/her and weight then please do ask and I’ll be happy to send that over to you!

Gecko Tails: Geckos drop their tails, often for no apparent reason. Because of this, we cannot be held responsible for tails dropping during shipping or while under our care, (If your choice of geckos tail drops in our care after your purchase, your choice of gecko cannot be transferred onto another as the health of the gecko has not been affected) No refunds will be given for dropped tails.

Sexing: We can’t 100% guarantee sex below 10g though I loop everyone myself with a looper to sex before listing. So if up as a male, then I see pores and if they’re up as a female, then no pores are seen. If for any reason your Crestie gets pores down the line then as a good will gesture I am happy to discount another Crestie but no refunds will be given.

Courier: Ridgeway Exotics is our go too, or Prehistoric Express.
Courier is also to be booked by you unless otherwise stated.

D:O:A: All Crested Geckos sent are healthy (as you can see) with no problems at all. If for any reason your Gecko arrives dead, this will unfortunately be due to stress in transit. But Fortunately this is very rare. All our Geckos are sent in perfect health and packed safely for the travel to you or collection. If your Gecko does arrive deceased, we will be happy to refund the deposit **only**, as a gesture of good will. Uk only.
For an sells not in the uk, a refund will not be given. Sorry.

You must be 18+ to purchase a Gecko from us.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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About Ghoulish Cresties

We are Ghoulish Cresties!
Breeders of High end Crested Geckos, with Amazing Lineages, Morphs, Colours, Patterns and Structures. All our Crested Geckos are kept in Bioactive set ups and are fed on various flavours of Pangea and Repashy every other day, with added organic egg white powder or whey, bee pollen and honey, also Crickets 2/3 times a week along with the wax worm treat! They are all handled regularly by ourselves and our Daughter who is as animal mad as we are! 😊🖤🦎

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