Leopard 66% Het Nic T+

Boa Constrictor Baby/Juvenile
Boa constrictor imperator


Absolutely stunning example of a leopard. Lots of colour, the pics don't do her justice, selling these particular leopards isn't easy. Once you see in person you'll understand why.

Pics of the parents can be seen.
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Leopard 66% Het Nic T+

Boa Constrictor Baby/Juvenile
Boa constrictor imperator


Traits: Leopard
Birth: 6th August 2022
Proven: No
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

Shipping: 40.00-80.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: SG03F
First Posted: 12/20/22
Last Updated: 12/20/22

Hindhead, England
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About Raven's Reptile Nest

At Raven's Reptile Nest all animals are pets first, not temporary breeding machines. They are named, frequently handled and treated as part of the family.

Boas are our specialty. We focus on locality species, breeding pure lines, as well as maximising individual characteristics of these fantastic localities and combining specific genetic mutations.

Our goal is to ensure locality species continue to grace this hobby, in addition to creating dwarf boas with beautiful genetic variation.

First and foremost, all our animals are pets, they are not stuffed away in some drawer, but are given essential enrichment and as naturalistic enclosures as we can provide at any given time. Adults and babies alike are handled frequently, and adults and holdbacks are all named and part of the family.

Purchasing one of our fantastic little gems ensures that you get a very well cared for, looked after little character that is handled regularly and comes with its own personality. Therefore, we aim to produce animals that can make fantastic pets, as well as amazing breeding potential.

These are the free-range chickens of the reptile hobby, all adults in naturalistic vivariums.

Viewings are welcome and parents can be seen upon request.

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