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Last Updated: 2022-07-04

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Stinger is a recessive mutation.

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Fatal Combo

January 4th, 2009: After years of test breeding Stinger Fat Tails we have found that the Stinger mutation is lethal when crossed with the albino. There are no complications with the actual Stinger morph, but when crossed into the albino the offspring usually die in the egg and the cross also results in severely deformed and extremely weak babies. Unfortunately, the Stinger Albino Fat Tail will not be able to be created due to the lethal incompatibility with the two recessive traits. [1]


No history yet.

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The bands found on the back of a Stinger AFT connect with one another through dorsal striping. The lower banding stretches down towards the tail into a sharp spike, resembling the rear of a wasp, giving this trait its name.

Proven Lines

Zero is a striped variant of Stinger and through breeding trials have proven to be the same.

Related Traits


Allelic with Patternless.

October 15th, 2010: We have proved that the Caramel Fat Tail morph is compatible with the Stinger Fat Tail morph. [2]


  • Super Stinger (Patternless Stinger)
  • Super Zero (Stripe Patternless Stinger)
  • Zero (Stripe Stinger)

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