Axanthic (Jolliff)

First Produced By: Michael Jolliff

First Produced In: 1997

Availability: Average

Last Updated: 2021-10-30

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There are at multiple lines of non-allelic Axanthics, with the most worked with being the TSK, VPI, Jolliff and MJ lines.

Axanthic Ball Pythons have a mutation called Axanthism that only affects the xanthophores to either prevent or greatly reduced production of yellow and red pigmentation. The resulting snake is usually a mixture of black, grays and whites as the axanthic mutation does not affect the melanophores (brown and black pigment), or iridophores (iridescent pigmentation).


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The head of a Axanthic Ball Python is similar to that of a Normal Ball Python but with less earthy tones.


Axanthic Ball Pythons bodies tend to have reduced markings with the "alien heads"and a pale blushing along the black “puzzle” pattern.


The tail of the Axanthic Ball Python follow the same colouration as the rest of its body, with blank “alien heads” to either side of a dorsal stripe.

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