First Produced By: Image Reptiles

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-06-28

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The Carbon gene is an incomplete dominant morph with a proven Super.

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The original female was imported as a baby in 2006. The project was originally owned by Paul Miles of The Boa Barn. I was the sales manager for Paul for many years. When Paul decided to retire, I purchased the project. In that time we have proven that this is not a Nanny, as we originally thought, but its own independent mutation. There have been an increase in what can be summed up as “granite” type projects in the last few years, but we have yet to see any of them that produce combos identical to Carbon.

Since my acquisition of the project, myself and others who have invested in the project, have produced the following:

Super Carbons (Covalents)
Covalent Fires
Covalent Mojave
Carbon Mojaves
Carbon Yellowbelly Mojave
Carbon Fire
Carbon Fire Pinstripe
Carbon Lesser
Carbon Fire Lesser
Carbon Lesser Spotnose
Carbon Black Pastel
Carbon Pastel
Carbon Clown
Carbon Fire Clown
Carbon Fire Pastel Clown
Carbon Pastel Clown

We are still in the project’s infancy and I’m so excited to see where this morph will go. So many interesting combos are in the works. - Ryan McGehee

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The head of a Carbon Ball Python is usually a light tan colour with a keyhole headstamp around the rear of the crown.


The body of a Carbon Ball Python can be extremely variable. However its usual characteristics are a pixelated or grainy appearance to the alien heads and rings in the dorsal stripe.


The tail of the Carbon Ball Python usually follows the pixelated patterning of the rest of the body.

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