First Produced In: 2012 [1]

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2022-06-28

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Mario is an incomplete dominant mutation founded by Sabala Serpents and Mike Wonka in 2012.

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The Mario was discovered in 2012 from a “Normal” x Pastel clutch. Out of five eggs, two Marios, two Pastels, and a possible Mario Pastel hatched out. That 50/50 ratio led us to believe that one of the parents was carrying another gene. [2]

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The head of the Mario Ball Python is easily recognisable by the “teeth” shape patterning along the heat pits and a headstamp that resembles a face.


The body of the Mario Ball Python is covered in an extremely busy and bold pattern, with alien heads banding over the dorsal being a frequent occurrence, along with connected alien heads. The overall colouration is more orangey than a Normal Ball Python and with bolder blacks.


The Mario Ball Python usually expresses a dark line down the center of its belly scales.


The tail of the Mario Ball Python follows the same patterning as the rest of the body.

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