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First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Average

Last Updated: 2022-06-01

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The name of this mutation causes a lot of confusion in the hobby and sees many breeders incorrectly label animals that are displaying the Ringer Mark.


Red and Ringer ended up in RDR’s Blackhead project as a result of the somewhat slapstick approach he took with it in the early days. This is why they are so prominently common in all the Blackheads out there.

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The body of the Ringer Ball Python is usually dominated by large “alien heads"/"keyholes”, either connected or very closely beside one another.


The belly of a Ringer Ball Python can shows light patterning and mild spotting along its edges, over bright white scales, however, usually it is clear of markings.

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RnR (Red Ringer)

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